"How I went from a curious philosophy major to a masterful healer and top performing spiritual mentor helping thousands of clients achieve their dream life."

The history of my professional journey

The road to becoming a top tier healer, to honing the streamlined manifestation technology, and helping thousands achieve their dream life was a winding road with plenty of obstacles along the way.


After graduating from Temple University with a Bachelor’s in Philosophy I continued my education studying body work, nutrition and herbs at the Heartwood Institute in Northern California, followed by a doctorate in medical Qi Gong from the International Institute of Medical Qi Gong in Monterey, California, accompanied by several yoga and mediation trainings as well. All while working at an herb store, giving massages and much more to make ends meet.

I quickly found out that academic knowledge alone wasn’t enough. Over a twenty year period I traveled to many countries on a shoestring budget meeting spiritual teachers from various traditions and began to notice certain consistencies in the various traditions and people that I encountered. Many would label such consistencies as coincidence, however, I started to understand that my lifestyle and mindset were in fact generating these coincidences.

I surmised that it was possible to easily and spontaneously generate the things you wanted and needed with very little effort if you understood the mechanism at play. That mechanism has actually been described for millennia by various teachers and practitioners from a wide variety of schools, however, much of this knowledge has been lost over time and is difficult to understand. So I took on the challenge of developing a method to make the process easy and comprehensible for all people. Sharing this technology with others not only brings me joy but is also the best way for me live out my dreams.

Hope to see you along the way as my journey continues.

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